Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry

The Weill Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry was established in October 1994. Its mission is to conduct research in geriatric psychiatric disorders, to train investigators and clinicians, and to provide specialized clinical care to older adults.


The research arm of the Weill Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry is the Weill-Cornell Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research (ACISR). Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (PI: George S. Alexopoulos, M.D.), the ACISR supports a portfolio of independently-funded studies seeking to produce and disseminate knowledge and practices aimed at reducing the burden of depression and disability in elderly persons with limited access to good care, promote the growth of investigators, and advance the methodology needed to carry this work into the future.

Training and Career Development

The Weill Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry offers training in Geriatric Psychiatry to physicians and graduate students in fields related to geriatric psychiatric disorders. The Institute's training programs include two NIMH-funded T32 research fellowship programs, and the NIMH-supported Advanced Research Institute in Geriatric Mental Health (ARI). The NIMH-funded Research Fellowships provide training in research methods in geriatric psychiatric disorders, and geriatric mental health services. The ARI is a national mentoring program designed to help junior investigators achieve their first R01 funding and assume the responsibilities of independent scientists. The Institute also sponsors several federally-funded, mentored career development awards for its junior investigators.

In addition to research training, The Weill Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry provides clinical training to medical students, psychiatry residents, and psychiatrists. The Clinical Fellowship Program in Geriatric Psychiatry, operating since 1980 and approved by ACGME, is designed to train psychiatrists in the clinical care of older adults.

Patients and Families

The Weill Cornell Institute oversees the geriatric clinical services of the Department of Psychiatry. At Westchester Division in White Plains, the geriatric clinical service consists of two acute inpatient units, the Psychiatry Outpatient Practice for Older Adults, and a nursing home consultation program. In Manhattan, the Institute offers geriatric psychiatry services to patients of The Irving Sherwood Wright Center on Aging (1484-1486 First Ave, NY, NY 10021; 212-746-7001), a geriatric medicine outpatient service.

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News and Events

Cornell has partnered with CareAnyware, a web-based clinical management software company, to test the effectiveness of a web-based implementation strategy designed to be accessible to home health agencies nationally.

The strategy uses a web-based platform to support implementation of Cornell's Depression CARE for Patients AT Home (Depression CAREPATH), an intervention developed for managing depression as part of ongoing care for home health patients.

The implementation strategy employs on-line trainings, webinars, consultation, toolkits, and social networking for long-distance delivery of four implementation activities:

  1. Infrastructure development
  2. CAREPATH Training
  3. Supervision on nurses' use of CAREPATH
  4. Social learning among home health agencies.

The strategy will be tested in a randomized trial of 160 home health agencies nationwide, all clients of CareAnyware.

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