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Current Program Schedule

Spring 2017
The Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar
Convenes on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays from September through May
2:00 PM Baker Tower Conference Room F-1200

January 4
Stephen Casper, Ph.D., Clarkson University
"Locked-In Syndrome and the History of Neurological Consciousness"
January 18
No Seminar - APsaA Meetings
February 1
Hent de Vries, Ph.D., John Hopkins University
"Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis: From Heidegger to Levinas"
February 15
Joel Canter, MSW, LCSW-C, Institute for Clinical Social Work
"Selma Fraiberg's Magic Years: Clinician, Researcher, Writer"
March 1
Susan Cahn, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo
"A 'Fraternity of Scientists' and 'The Intractable Female Patient': Gender and Borderline Personality Disorder"
March 15
Paul Schwaber, Ph.D., Wesleyan University
Esman Lecture
"The Appeal of Tragedy"
March 29
Issues In Mental Health
Robert Michels, M.D.,
Rosemary Stevens, Ph.D., MPH
Richard Friedman, M.D.
"Mental Health Care, the ACA, and the Trump Administration: A Panel Discussion"
April 5
Lawrence Goodheart, Ph.D., University of Connecticut
"Insane Acquittees and Insane Convicts: The Rationalization of Policy in
19th-Century Connecticut"
April 19
Nidesh Lawtoo, Ph.D., University of Bern
"From Plasticity to Mimesis: A Genealogy"
May 3
Lawrence Kramer, Ph.D., Fordham University
"Becoming Haunted: History, Psychoanalysis, and Tunes Stuck in Your Head"
May 17
Alice Mauger, Ph.D.
"The Cost of Insanity: Public, Voluntary and Private Asylum Care in
19th-Century Ireland"
May 31
Tanya Luhrmann, Ph.D., Stanford University
Eric T. Carlson Memorial Lecture: Grand Rounds, Room A-950
"The Voices of God and the Voices of Psychosis"

Richardson Seminar, Room F1190
"Local 'Theory' of Mind and its Implications for Spiritual and Psychotic Experience"

* PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited. Attendance by permission only.
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