Social Work Training Program

For many years, the Social Work Department, now part of Patient Care Services, has offered both inpatient and outpatient fieldwork placements to highly qualified master level students from accredited schools of Social Work. Westchester Division has a heterogeneous patient population, ensuring that students will be exposed to a broad range of diagnoses, interpersonal problems and varied socioeconomic backgrounds.

The training program provides exposure to a wide range of treatment modalities such as individual/family assessment, group interventions, interdisciplinary collaboration, advocacy, and discharge planning. Each student receives one and one-half hours of weekly supervision from a highly qualified field instructor. Placement is based on the students interests and needs.

Students are encouraged to interact with all disciplines, to seek knowledge from a variety of sources and to take advantage of the numerous educational opportunities available, which include a weekly seminar on issues in hospital psychiatry, case conferences, grand rounds, etc. This program is designed to be a rich, intense, and challenging opportunity. It provides an extension and deepening of the students prior learning as well as development of an appropriate level of professional practice and a base for continued self-growth.

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